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Friday, August 26 2005
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VG Fanatic Affiliate Program

Want to earn some extra cash or credit for future purchases? Try our affiliate program. VG Fanatic's affiliate program is unique -- it offers affiliate credit on a per promotion basis so purchases made with your affiliate number are beneficial to you, our affiliate partner but also to the buyer. This will encourage others to use your number when making their purchases. Here is how it works:

Using e-mail, your web site, or simple flyers, you can earn money by publicizing your Affiliate Number to be used as a coupon for promotions. All you have to do is join our Affiliate Programs and promote various promotions using your Affiliate Number as the Coupon Code. Every time someone uses your Affiliate Number as a coupon and purchases from our site, you earn a commission, either cash or credit. It's that easy! We process the order, ship the products, and handle the billing and customer service.

Our Program is open to everyone!
Anyone can join the Affiliate Program. All you have to do is fill out the short application and begin publicizing your Affiliate Number to be used as a coupon in conjunction with applicable promotions. We are always adding new promotions for you to use with your Affiliate Number. You can join as many promotions as you want, and you can come back and join more, or remove them whenever you want. Each program has a different Affiliate Payoff amount, making it possible to pay our affiliates more for given promotions!

It's Easy and It's Free
There's no charge to participate. In fact, we pay you! Every time a customer you refer uses your affiliate number as a coupon on our site, you earn whatever commission applies to that promotion. The tools and content we provide make it easy to publicize your affiliate number, and our online reports let you track every sale, every day! When customers use your affiliate number as a valid coupon when they shop with us, you get cash or credit! We process the order, ship the products, and handle billing and customer service. It's that easy.

Make Money
Earn money or credit every time your Affiliate Number is used! There's no limit to how much you can earn! The more you sell, the more you earn.

For Our Affiliate Partner

  1. You sign up to become an affiliate partner with VG Fanatic by reading and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.
  2. Go to your Account page in our Membership Services and click on the Affiliate Manager. Then simply select which promotions you would like to take part in. Each of the promotions will be listed with their name, description, and payoff credit to you if someone uses it. Simply select the checkbox next to the promotions you want to have available to users who use your number. You're ready to make money!
  3. At anytime you can log into your account and check your Affiliate Manager for information on your affiliate status, promotions you are participating in, and any transaction history (complete with date and purchase amount) that was made using your affiliate number!

    Note: You need to make sure you check often for new promotions that you can participate in. We are adding them all the time.

For The Buyer using the Affiliate Number

  1. When a user comes to with your affiliate number they can redeem it by entering it into our sidebar menu or choose to enter it during checkout process. After they have entered the number they will be shown a list of promotions linked with that affiliate number. They can then redeem their coupon for eligable purchases. The affiliates account will then be credited with the applicable amount for the promotion! When they enter the number they would basically be redeeming a coupon offer that has been available to them. By redeeming this promotion using your affiliate ID they will be presented with a list of promotions that are available to them to redeem. The list they receive is dependent on what promotions you as the affiliate has chosen to offer.
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